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Our Eight-Step Process

Quality matters, and you deserve the best. For the purest, freshest, best bottled water delivery
service around, call H2O To Go, Inc.

We filter, purify, and bottle our water in-house at our production facility, to ensure quality and freshness. You can rely on our promise of purity – it’s our livelihood. Check out our Eight Step Process below.It all begins with fresh, purified tap water.


The first – and most basic – step in our purification process is filtration, which…

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Ion Exchange, sometimes called ‘water softening’, is an important step in our purification process as it…

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Ion Exchange

Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration is widely understood to be a critical step in the filtration and purification process because it…

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The fourth step in our filtration and purification process further removes…

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25 Micron Filter

Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis? The heart of our filtration and purification process, the fifth step focuses on…

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The H2O to Go, Inc., purification and filtration process includes a sixth step that…

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Micron Pre-Filter

Polishing Carbon

What do coconut shells and water have in common? Ozonification, the seventh step in our filtration and purification process…

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The water is circulated through a Stainless Steel tank with ozone impregnated at a small rate to have contact/dwell time for proper sanitation of the purified water.

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And finally: bottling! Our water is dispensed directly to the bottles and sealed.

We carefully check for leaks, then hand-deliver the pure, fresh bottled water to your home or business.